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Four Oaks Inn


Emma & Jackson

6/15/24 Newlywed couple Emma & Jackson Gaulke relaxed after their wedding at Four Oaks Inn!

Matthew & Callie

6/15/24 Newlywed couple Matthew & Callie Hyatt stayed at Four Oaks Inn after their hot, exhausting wedding!

Bond & Jennifer

6/15/24 We had the honor of hosting Bond & Jennifer Long for their first married night!

The Vaassens

6/11/24 One of our favorite families, the Vaassens, were out here again!

Tatjana & Philpp

5/27/24 Tatjana & Philpp Neuwald, from Germany, stayed at Four Oaks on their vacation traveling through the South.

Adrienne, Pete Cayado, Frances, Quinton and Meg.

5/24/24 This group of guests get 5-stars all the way! Left to right: Adrienne Priest, Pete Cayado, Frances Keefe, Quinton Brantley and Meg Brantley.

Clark & Julia

4/26/24 We were honored to have the wedding party for Clark & Julia Joseph's wedding take over Four Oaks Inn for their pre-wedding prep.


4/8/24 We were honored to have Ed Buening (on the left), Silver Star recipient Vietnam, stay with us for 2 nights.

Colin & Alexis

2/10/24 Colin & Alexis Kaelin spent the night here at Four Oaks Inn after tying the knot!

Mary Cogbill and family

1/13/24 Mary Cogbill turned 75 years young surrounded by her family here at Four Oaks Inn this weekend!

Mark, Marilyn, and Meg

12/14/23 Mark Kulungowski, sister Marilyn and wife Meg, stayed at Four Oaks Inn on their journey from Fort Jackson National Cemetery to Arlington National Cemetery. They're participating in Wreaths Across America.

Brent Wallace

11/13/23 Brent Wallace, our guest this past weekend, has discovered that his 6th Great Grandmother was present at the birth of Andrew Jackson!

Quentin & Meredith

11/4/23 Newly married Quentin & Meredith Cook spent their first night here at Four Oaks Inn.

Tamara & Dale

10/28/23 Tamara & Dale Savidge stayed for their 45th Anniversary!

Darlene & Scott

10/23/23 Darlene & Scott Smith stayed with us and celebrated their 10th Anniversary while they explored Camden.


10/6/23 Christian Parrish kicks back on a rocker during her 3-day birthday getaway at Four Oaks Inn.

Paul & Sheri

9/30/23 Paul & Sheri Quinn celebrated their Anniversary while staying here at Four Oaks Inn.

Russell & Kara

9/21/23 Russell & Kara Brace from Pennsylvania celebrated their 28th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn!

Caroline & David

9/16/23 Caroline & David Williams were here for their Camden HIgh/Lugoff-Elgin High 50th Reunion!

Lindsey & Tim

9/9/23 Lindsey & Tim Cupp stepping out to celebrate their 4th Anniversary!

John & Suzanne

9/6/23 John & Suzanne Smoody came for the great breakfast and to celebrate his birthday!

Frances Keefe & Adrienne Priest

9/1/23 Frances Keefe & Adrienne Priest, stayed here two nites for a Girl's Weekend!

Kathy & Richard

9/1/23 Kathy & Richard McCain celebrated his birthday while they were here at Four Oaks Inn!

Seth & Morgan

8/25/23 Seth & Morgan Farthing, shown on the veranda, celebrated their 5th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Val & Kyle Moiritz

8/19/23 Val & Kyle Moiritz celebrated their 20th Anniversary staying with us this weekend!

Seth & Veronica and Christina & Landon

8/18/23 Seth & Veronica Howell and Christina & Landon Amick enjoyed celebrating Seth’s and Landon’s birthday at Four Oaks this weekend!

Morgan & Sam

8/13/23 Morgan & Sam Boyd, who stayed on their wedding night, came back to celebrate their first Anniversary!

Garrett & Heather

8/12/23 Garrett & Heather Lawson, newlyweds, spent their first night @ Four Oaks Inn.

Vance & Allison

8/8/23 Vance & Allison Locklear celebrated their 22nd and now their 25th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Clyde & Kerry

7/2/23 Clyde & Kerry Epps celebrated their anniversary while spending a 4-day weekend here at Four Oaks Inn!

Jim & Peggy

6/26/23 Jim & Peggy Hughes enjoyed their 52nd anniversary while staying at Four Oaks Inn!

Vaassen Family

6/22/23 The Vaassen Family stayed at Four Oaks Inn to attend & celebrate their son Jake's graduation from ABC Training at Fort Jackson.

Dawn & Stewart

6/14/23 Dawn & Stewart Johnson picked Four Oaks Inn for their 30th Anniversary!

 Isaac & Genevieve

6/11/23 Isaac & Genevieve Buono, newlyweds, spent the first night of their honeymoon right here at Four Oaks inn!

Lydia & Lache

6/3/23 Lydia surprised her husband Lache Dorn with a night at Four Oaks Inn for his birthday surprise!

Paige and Tom James

6/1/23 Paige and Tom James celebrated his birthday at Four Oaks Inn.

Nikki Germain

5/26/23 Nikki Germain gave us a 3rd visit to take a break and celebrate her birthday!

Terrence Tillman & Jennifer Robinson

5/20/23 Terrence Tillman & Jennifer Robinson stayed with us on their 3rd wedding anniversary!

Dr. Lana Cromeenes & Dr. Ed Huskey

5/13/23 Dr. Lana Cromeenes & Dr. Ed Huskey stayed with us on their wedding night!

Bill & Kinnie

11/18/22 - We hosted Bill & Kinnie Pruden at Four Oaks while they attended their son's USC graduation!

Colleen & Tim

4/27/23 Colleen & Tim Wracker spent their Anniversary getaway here at Four Oaks Inn!

Rob & Kathy with Brett & Lynn

4/1/23 - Rob & Kathy Seay and Brett & Lynn Scott, guests at Four Oaks Inn, on their way to the Carolina Cup 2023!

Mike & Jen Vogel

3/25/23 Mike & Jen Vogel celebrated his 57th birthday while staying at Four Oaks Inn!

Andrew & Cece

3/25/23 Andrew & Cece Thorne stayed at Four Oaks Inn while celebrating their 24th Anniversary!

Tom & Beth

3/23/23 Tom & Beth Carpenter celebrated their 37th Anniversary here at Four Oaks!

Katherine & her husband Bruce

3/22/23 Select Registry President Katherine Brown & her husband Bruce stayed with us when they were in Camden!

Shawn & Elizabeth

3/18/23 Shawn & Elizabeth Dougherty enjoyed their Anniversary while staying at Four Oaks Inn

Matt & Rebecca

3/17/23 Matt & Rebecca Shuler celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Paull & Nita

3/16/23 Paull & Nita Kirkpatrick celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Don & Janet

3/11/23 Don & Janet Kelemen celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Curtis & Lori

3/3/23 Curtis George & Lori Hardy came to Camden and stayed at Four Oaks Inn, his great-grandfather was a full-blooded Catawba Indian!

Sharon & Rob

3/2/23 Sharon & Rob Morgan celebrating both of their birthdays at Four Oaks Inn!

Anthony & Jodi

12/3/22 Anthony & Jodi Means celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn! 

Brooke Farfone

12/3/22 Brooke Farfone competed in the South Carolina Hunter Jumper Association 2022 Derby and Medal Finals while she stayed with us at Four Oaks Inn. 

Aubrey & John

11/14/22 Steve McKee & Lynne Smith, Battle of Camden re-enactors, stayed with us this weekend and pose proudly with their Revolutionary War-era cannon.

Aubrey & John

11/6/22 Aubrey & John Williams took a pre-baby arrival mini-break here at Four Oaks Inn.

Chad & Jade

11/5/22 Chad & Jade Bolton stay at Four Oaks Inn while they tied the knot!

Tony & Gloria

10/27/22 Tony & Gloria Miliote celebrated their 54th anniversary by spending 2 nites here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sharon & Fred

10/14/22 Sharon & Fred Messina celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn this week.

John & Rosemary

10/12/22 We were so pleased to have repeat guests John & Rosemary DeWolfe here with us again for their Anniversary!

Mykah  & Sharon

9/16/22 Sharon Moore & granddaughter Mykah Green celebrated her 16th birthday by staying at Four Oaks Inn!

Ben & Tricia

9/16/22 Ben & Tricia Smith rolled up on his and her Harley’s to spend the night at Four oaks Inn for their Anniversary.

David & Amy

9/1/22 David Fincher& his wife Amy celebrated his 60th birthday here at Four Oaks Inn.

Lana & Larry

8/14/22 Lana & Larry celebrated both their birthdays by a visit to Camden and Four Oaks Inn.

Sam & Morgan

8/13/22 - Newlyweds Sam & Morgan Boyd chose Four Oaks Inn for their Mini-moon after the wedding!

Jorge & Teresa

8/13/22 Jorge & Teresa Menendez came to stay to celebrate their 4th Anniversary!

David & Cristina

8/6/22 David & Cristina Gibbons celebrated their 15th Anniversary by relaxing here at Four Oaks Inn for a weekend.

Zach & Anna

8/5/22 Zach & Anna Bruce chose Four Oaks Inn for a last minute anniversary getaway!

John & Mary

7/29/22 John & Mary Higdon chose to stay at Four oaks Inn while celebrating her birthday.

Mark & Linda

7/20/22 Mark & Linda Searby observed their 49th wedding anniversary by staying at Four Oaks Inn.

Hunter & Katie

7/5/22 Hunter & Katie Beal celebrated their 9th Anniversary!

Heather & Hunter

6/24/22 Heather Adcock & Hunter Lawrence, best friends, celebrated their 40th birthdays kicking’ back at Four Oaks!

Aaron & Hunter

6/18/22 Aaron & Hunter Roach arrived by limo to stay with us for their wedding night!

Rebecca & Vance

6/17/22 Rebecca & Vance Brabham chose Four Oaks Inn to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary!

Jordan & Tiffany

6/10/22 Jordan & Tiffany Cummings celebrated his 30th birthday and their 5th anniversary with a 3-day stay here at Four Oaks Inn!

Rob & Sharon

6/11/22 Rob & Sharon Morgan, newlyweds, spent their first night here at Four Oaks Inn!

Daniel & Brantley

6/4/22 Last nite we had Daniel & Brantley Hodges here for their 13th Anniversary! They promised to come back with friends and we hope they do!

Stanton & Shelley

5/28/2022 Stanton & Shelley Lanham stayed with us, relaxed & enjoyed the pool for their anniversary!

Gary & Angie

5/19/22 Gary & Angie McManus celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Zander & Raeleigh

5/16/22 Zander & Raeleigh Monk spent their wedding night here and came back to celebrate their 1rst Anniversary!

Joel & Diana

5/15/22 Joel & Diana Moore (parents of triplets!) visited us for Joel’s birthday!

Jacob & Darcey

5/14/22 Congratulations to newlyweds Jacob & Darcey Nance who stayed with us their wedding night!

Laraine & John

5/13/22 Laraine & John Aikman visiting from Scotland, John is modeling his “McCalls Modern Price” kilt for us!

Bob & Margaret

5/13/22 Bob & Margaret Morgan looking splendid in transitional attire (between colonial & regency) stayed with us again to attend a country dance.

Steve & Linda

5/4/22 Steve & Linda Davis celebrated their 13th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn!

Yael and Nathan Golan from Israel

4/23/22 We had Yael & Nathan Golan from Israel for our guests on their 18th wedding anniversary!

Alex & Jennifer and Miranda & Brandon

4/2/22 Alex & Jennifer Fletcher and Miranda & Brandon Gardner ready to attend the 87th Carolina Cup!

Britt & Chad

3/28/22 Britt & Chad Marshall celebrated their 13th Anniversary staying with us at Four Oaks Inn.

woman eating a meal dressed in old-fashioned clothing

3/11/22 Lynne Smith was here in Camden to participate in a film about the Battle of Camden.

celebrating their birthday

3/4/2022 Alisha & Drake Brunson celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Barb & Bob celebrating their anniversary

3/2/22 Barb & Bob Harper celebrated their 48th Anniversary at Four Oaks, met a leprechaun & fired a cannon!

Steve with golf gear

2/23/22 Steve Block, a “golf reenactor”, in plus-fours w/antique clubs stayed with us.

Bob & Margaret Morgan

2/12/22 Bob & Margaret Morgan attended a Regency Ball while staying here.

Kevin & Gale Tillett

2/11/22 Kevin & Gale Tillett celebrated their 40th Anniversary here @Four Oaks Inn.

Bill & Teresa Rhodes

2/11/22, We said goodbye to Bill & Teresa Rhodes, who stayed here for 3 days to celebrate Teresa's birthday!

Meranda Col

2/7/22 Miss South Carolina, Meranda Cole, used Four Oaks Inn for a photo shoot!

Celly & David

11/27/21 Celly & David Kahn celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sonja & Ken

10/29/21 Sonja & Ken Hiler celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sandy & Joe

10/15/21 Sandy & Joe Serio celebrated their Anniversary here at Four Oaks!

April & Darcy

9/3/21 Mother & daughter guests April & Darcy spent the night.

McKaleigh & Will Durrett

8/21/21 Newlyweds McKaleigh & Will Durrett stayed with us at Four Oaks Inn!

John & Emily Paluszak

8/20/21 John & Emily Paluszak stayed at Four Oaks Inn while they went kayaking!

Greg & Debbie Blake

On 8/1/21 Greg & Debbie Blake celebrated their 47th Anniversary.

Becky Taylor

8/1/21 Becky Taylor (in black) celebrated her birthday with friends.

Brenda Reiffel & Peggy Killough

6/23/21 Brenda Reiffel & Peggy Killough celebrated Peggy’s birthday!

Anna Marie & Sawyer Styron

6/5/21 Anna Marie & Sawyer Styron spent their wedding nite here.

Justin & Ashley Pressley

6/5/21 Justin & Ashley Pressley celebrated their 6th Anniversary.

Jerry & Mare Wojt

6/4/21 Jerry & Mare Wojt celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn.

Elisa & Jarl Hill

5/30/21 Elisa & Jarl Hill celebrate her birthday!

Russ &  Teresa LoGiudice

5/26/21 Russ & Teresa LoGiudice celebrate her birthday!

Diane & Charlie Hickok

5/25/21 Diane & Charlie Hickok. Charlie is a descendent of Wild Bill Hickok AND Davy Crockett!

Raleigh & Zander

5/16/21 Newlyweds Zander & Raleigh Monk stayed here their first night.

Reese & Jack

5/15/21 Newlyweds Jackson & Christina Reese spent their wedding night here.

Jeremy & Joy Grainger with Jill & Clark.

4/2/21 Jeremy & Joy Grainger celebrated her birthday here with friends Jill & Clark.

Fran & Louie

4/1/21 Fran & Louie Roberts celebrated their 40th Anniversary!

Nancy and family

3/21/21 We had Nancy Wright (left) whose granddaughter Ella Jane (on horse) showed at the Equestrian Center.

Dale & Laura

3/6/21 Dale & Laura Buehler celebrated their back-to-back birthdays!

Molly Rosenzweig

We had the pleasure of equestrian Molly Rosenzweig staying with us!

Tavita & Ishshon Witfield

2/13/21 We welcomed Valentine newlyweds Tavita & Ishshon Witfield for their wedding night.

Hunter Lacey & Kailee Erwin

1/30/21 Hunter Lacey & Kailee Erwin, celebrated their 2nd Anniversary!

Jason & Kari

11/27/20 Jason & Kari Hyman chose to celebrate their 13th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Greg & Becca

11/13/20 Greg & Becca Eddins stayed 2 nites while celebrating their 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Charles & Melissa

10/17/20 Charles & Melissa Yates, from Charleston, celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Jeff & Krista

10/11/20 Jeff & Krista Miller stayed at Four Oaks Inn for their 23rd Anniversary!

Gene & Sybil

9/19/20 Gene & Sybil Minton stayed here while Gene & ‘Spook' participated in the SERHA Fall Show Reining Competition.

Craig and Patty

9/11/20 Craig and Patty Radvansky stayed for their 25th Anniversary!

Lynne and Stephen

6/9/20 Lynne Smith’s Loyalist ancestor and Stephen McKee’s Patriot ancestor fought on opposite sides in the American Revolution!

Newlyweds Sarah & Andrew Spivey

5/3/20 Newlyweds Sarah & Andrew Spivey, stayed here on their wedding night

Newlyweds Taylor & Mallory Queen

5/24/20 Newlyweds Taylor & Mallory Queen, stayed here on their wedding night

Maria Little

5/25/20 Maria Little, great-great-niece of Stonewall Jackson

 Alisha & John Owens

6/19/20 Newlyweds Alisha & John Owens, she dressed here, they took pictures here and they stayed here on their wedding night


Carolyn & Lennie Kurgan

6/27/20 Newlyweds Carolyn & Lennie Kurgan, stayed here on their wedding night

Danielle & Brian Hermann

7/18/20 Danielle & Brian Hermann, celebrated their anniversary

 Lee & Donna Foster

7/31/20 Lee & Donna Foster, celebrated his birthday

Travis & Leah Leasure

7/31/20 Travis & Leah Leasure, celebrated their 4th Anniversary

Jeremy Isaacs

8/4/20 Jeremy Isaacs, the descendant of patriot Colonel Elijah Isaacs, who fought in the American Revolution at the Battle of Camden.

Jerry Baker and Missy Bowden

6/27/20 Jerry Baker proposed to Missy Bowden and stayed here that night

Vance & Allison Locklear

8/10/20 Full blooded members of the North Carolina Native American Lumbee Tribe, Vance & Allison Locklear celebrated their 22nd Anniversary here

Nina & Dan Mason

8/22/20 Nina & Dan Mason celebrated their 22nd anniversary by staying here at Four Oaks and taking a carriage ride around Camden’s historic district

Ed & Lana

5/13/23 Dr. Lana Cromeenes & Dr. Ed Huskey stayed with us on their wedding night!

Four Oaks Inn

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