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Four Oaks Inn


Mike & Jen Vogel

3/25/23 Mike & Jen Vogel celebrated his 57th birthday while staying at Four Oaks Inn!

Andrew & Cece

3/25/23 Andrew & Cece Thorne stayed at Four Oaks Inn while celebrating their 24th Anniversary!

Tom & Beth

3/23/23 Tom & Beth Carpenter celebrated their 37th Anniversary here at Four Oaks!

Katherine & her husband Bruce

3/22/23 Select Registry President Katherine Brown & her husband Bruce stayed with us when they were in Camden!

Shawn & Elizabeth

3/18/23 Shawn & Elizabeth Dougherty enjoyed their Anniversary while staying at Four Oaks Inn

Matt & Rebecca

3/17/23 Matt & Rebecca Shuler celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Paull & Nita

3/16/23 Paull & Nita Kirkpatrick celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Don & Janet

3/11/23 Don & Janet Kelemen celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Curtis & Lori

3/3/23 Curtis George & Lori Hardy came to Camden and stayed at Four Oaks Inn, his great-grandfather was a full-blooded Catawba Indian!

Sharon & Rob

3/2/23 Sharon & Rob Morgan celebrating both of their birthdays at Four Oaks Inn!

Anthony & Jodi

12/3/22 Anthony & Jodi Means celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn! 

Brooke Farfone

12/3/22 Brooke Farfone competed in the South Carolina Hunter Jumper Association 2022 Derby and Medal Finals while she stayed with us at Four Oaks Inn. 

Aubrey & John

11/14/22 Steve McKee & Lynne Smith, Battle of Camden re-enactors, stayed with us this weekend and pose proudly with their Revolutionary War-era cannon.

Aubrey & John

11/6/22 Aubrey & John Williams took a pre-baby arrival mini-break here at Four Oaks Inn.

Chad & Jade

11/5/22 Chad & Jade Bolton stay at Four Oaks Inn while they tied the knot!

Tony & Gloria

10/27/22 Tony & Gloria Miliote celebrated their 54th anniversary by spending 2 nites here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sharon & Fred

10/14/22 Sharon & Fred Messina celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn this week.

John & Rosemary

10/12/22 We were so pleased to have repeat guests John & Rosemary DeWolfe here with us again for their Anniversary!

Mykah  & Sharon

9/16/22 Sharon Moore & granddaughter Mykah Green celebrated her 16th birthday by staying at Four Oaks Inn!

Ben & Tricia

9/16/22 Ben & Tricia Smith rolled up on his and her Harley’s to spend the night at Four oaks Inn for their Anniversary.

David & Amy

9/1/22 David Fincher& his wife Amy celebrated his 60th birthday here at Four Oaks Inn.

Lana & Larry

8/14/22 Lana & Larry celebrated both their birthdays by a visit to Camden and Four Oaks Inn.

Sam & Morgan

8/13/22 - Newlyweds Sam & Morgan Boyd chose Four Oaks Inn for their Mini-moon after the wedding!

Jorge & Teresa

8/13/22 Jorge & Teresa Menendez came to stay to celebrate their 4th Anniversary!

David & Cristina

8/6/22 David & Cristina Gibbons celebrated their 15th Anniversary by relaxing here at Four Oaks Inn for a weekend.

Zach & Anna

8/5/22 Zach & Anna Bruce chose Four Oaks Inn for a last minute anniversary getaway!

John & Mary

7/29/22 John & Mary Higdon chose to stay at Four oaks Inn while celebrating her birthday.

Mark & Linda

7/20/22 Mark & Linda Searby observed their 49th wedding anniversary by staying at Four Oaks Inn.

Hunter & Katie

7/5/22 Hunter & Katie Beal celebrated their 9th Anniversary!

Heather & Hunter

6/24/22 Heather Adcock & Hunter Lawrence, best friends, celebrated their 40th birthdays kicking’ back at Four Oaks!

Aaron & Hunter

6/18/22 Aaron & Hunter Roach arrived by limo to stay with us for their wedding night!

Rebecca & Vance

6/17/22 Rebecca & Vance Brabham chose Four Oaks Inn to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary!

Jordan & Tiffany

6/10/22 Jordan & Tiffany Cummings celebrated his 30th birthday and their 5th anniversary with a 3-day stay here at Four Oaks Inn!

Rob & Sharon

6/11/22 Rob & Sharon Morgan, newlyweds, spent their first night here at Four Oaks Inn!

Daniel & Brantley

6/4/22 Last nite we had Daniel & Brantley Hodges here for their 13th Anniversary! They promised to come back with friends and we hope they do!

Stanton & Shelley

5/28/2022 Stanton & Shelley Lanham stayed with us, relaxed & enjoyed the pool for their anniversary!

Gary & Angie

5/19/22 Gary & Angie McManus celebrated their anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Zander & Raeleigh

5/16/22 Zander & Raeleigh Monk spent their wedding night here and came back to celebrate their 1rst Anniversary!

Joel & Diana

5/15/22 Joel & Diana Moore (parents of triplets!) visited us for Joel’s birthday!

Jacob & Darcey

5/14/22 Congratulations to newlyweds Jacob & Darcey Nance who stayed with us their wedding night!

Laraine & John

5/13/22 Laraine & John Aikman visiting from Scotland, John is modeling his “McCalls Modern Price” kilt for us!

Bob & Margaret

5/13/22 Bob & Margaret Morgan looking splendid in transitional attire (between colonial & regency) stayed with us again to attend a country dance.

Steve & Linda

5/4/22 Steve & Linda Davis celebrated their 13th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn!

Yael and Nathan Golan from Israel

4/23/22 We had Yael & Nathan Golan from Israel for our guests on their 18th wedding anniversary!

Alex & Jennifer and Miranda & Brandon

4/2/22 Alex & Jennifer Fletcher and Miranda & Brandon Gardner ready to attend the 87th Carolina Cup!

Britt & Chad

3/28/22 Britt & Chad Marshall celebrated their 13th Anniversary staying with us at Four Oaks Inn.

woman eating a meal dressed in old-fashioned clothing

3/11/22 Lynne Smith was here in Camden to participate in a film about the Battle of Camden.

celebrating their birthday

3/4/2022 Alisha & Drake Brunson celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Barb & Bob celebrating their anniversary

3/2/22 Barb & Bob Harper celebrated their 48th Anniversary at Four Oaks, met a leprechaun & fired a cannon!

Steve with golf gear

2/23/22 Steve Block, a “golf reenactor”, in plus-fours w/antique clubs stayed with us.

Bob & Margaret Morgan

2/12/22 Bob & Margaret Morgan attended a Regency Ball while staying here.

Kevin & Gale Tillett

2/11/22 Kevin & Gale Tillett celebrated their 40th Anniversary here @Four Oaks Inn.

Bill & Teresa Rhodes

2/11/22, We said goodbye to Bill & Teresa Rhodes, who stayed here for 3 days to celebrate Teresa's birthday!

Meranda Col

2/7/22 Miss South Carolina, Meranda Cole, used Four Oaks Inn for a photo shoot!

Celly & David

11/27/21 Celly & David Kahn celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sonja & Ken

10/29/21 Sonja & Ken Hiler celebrated her birthday here at Four Oaks Inn!

Sandy & Joe

10/15/21 Sandy & Joe Serio celebrated their Anniversary here at Four Oaks!

April & Darcy

9/3/21 Mother & daughter guests April & Darcy spent the night.

McKaleigh & Will Durrett

8/21/21 Newlyweds McKaleigh & Will Durrett stayed with us at Four Oaks Inn!

John & Emily Paluszak

8/20/21 John & Emily Paluszak stayed at Four Oaks Inn while they went kayaking!

Greg & Debbie Blake

On 8/1/21 Greg & Debbie Blake celebrated their 47th Anniversary.

Becky Taylor

8/1/21 Becky Taylor (in black) celebrated her birthday with friends.

Brenda Reiffel & Peggy Killough

6/23/21 Brenda Reiffel & Peggy Killough celebrated Peggy’s birthday!

Anna Marie & Sawyer Styron

6/5/21 Anna Marie & Sawyer Styron spent their wedding nite here.

Justin & Ashley Pressley

6/5/21 Justin & Ashley Pressley celebrated their 6th Anniversary.

Jerry & Mare Wojt

6/4/21 Jerry & Mare Wojt celebrated his birthday here at Four Oaks Inn.

Elisa & Jarl Hill

5/30/21 Elisa & Jarl Hill celebrate her birthday!

Russ &  Teresa LoGiudice

5/26/21 Russ & Teresa LoGiudice celebrate her birthday!

Diane & Charlie Hickok

5/25/21 Diane & Charlie Hickok. Charlie is a descendent of Wild Bill Hickok AND Davy Crockett!

Raleigh & Zander

5/16/21 Newlyweds Zander & Raleigh Monk stayed here their first night.

Reese & Jack

5/15/21 Newlyweds Jackson & Christina Reese spent their wedding night here.

Jeremy & Joy Grainger with Jill & Clark.

4/2/21 Jeremy & Joy Grainger celebrated her birthday here with friends Jill & Clark.

Fran & Louie

4/1/21 Fran & Louie Roberts celebrated their 40th Anniversary!

Nancy and family

3/21/21 We had Nancy Wright (left) whose granddaughter Ella Jane (on horse) showed at the Equestrian Center.

Dale & Laura

3/6/21 Dale & Laura Buehler celebrated their back-to-back birthdays!

Molly Rosenzweig

We had the pleasure of equestrian Molly Rosenzweig staying with us!

Tavita & Ishshon Witfield

2/13/21 We welcomed Valentine newlyweds Tavita & Ishshon Witfield for their wedding night.

Hunter Lacey & Kailee Erwin

1/30/21 Hunter Lacey & Kailee Erwin, celebrated their 2nd Anniversary!

Jason & Kari

11/27/20 Jason & Kari Hyman chose to celebrate their 13th Anniversary here at Four Oaks Inn.

Greg & Becca

11/13/20 Greg & Becca Eddins stayed 2 nites while celebrating their 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Charles & Melissa

10/17/20 Charles & Melissa Yates, from Charleston, celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Jeff & Krista

10/11/20 Jeff & Krista Miller stayed at Four Oaks Inn for their 23rd Anniversary!

Gene & Sybil

9/19/20 Gene & Sybil Minton stayed here while Gene & ‘Spook' participated in the SERHA Fall Show Reining Competition.

Craig and Patty

9/11/20 Craig and Patty Radvansky stayed for their 25th Anniversary!

Lynne and Stephen

6/9/20 Lynne Smith’s Loyalist ancestor and Stephen McKee’s Patriot ancestor fought on opposite sides in the American Revolution!

Newlyweds Sarah & Andrew Spivey

5/3/20 Newlyweds Sarah & Andrew Spivey, stayed here on their wedding night

Newlyweds Taylor & Mallory Queen

5/24/20 Newlyweds Taylor & Mallory Queen, stayed here on their wedding night

Maria Little

5/25/20 Maria Little, great-great-niece of Stonewall Jackson

 Alisha & John Owens

6/19/20 Newlyweds Alisha & John Owens, she dressed here, they took pictures here and they stayed here on their wedding night


Carolyn & Lennie Kurgan

6/27/20 Newlyweds Carolyn & Lennie Kurgan, stayed here on their wedding night

Danielle & Brian Hermann

7/18/20 Danielle & Brian Hermann, celebrated their anniversary

 Lee & Donna Foster

7/31/20 Lee & Donna Foster, celebrated his birthday

Travis & Leah Leasure

7/31/20 Travis & Leah Leasure, celebrated their 4th Anniversary

Jeremy Isaacs

8/4/20 Jeremy Isaacs, the descendant of patriot Colonel Elijah Isaacs, who fought in the American Revolution at the Battle of Camden.

Jerry Baker and Missy Bowden

6/27/20 Jerry Baker proposed to Missy Bowden and stayed here that night

Vance & Allison Locklear

8/10/20 Full blooded members of the North Carolina Native American Lumbee Tribe, Vance & Allison Locklear celebrated their 22nd Anniversary here

Nina & Dan Mason

8/22/20 Nina & Dan Mason celebrated their 22nd anniversary by staying here at Four Oaks and taking a carriage ride around Camden’s historic district

Four Oaks Inn

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